Campus Parking

E15 Parking Structure FAQs


The Gies College of Business has announced the new South Campus Center for Interdisciplinary Learning (SCCIL) is to be constructed on the site of parking lot E12. Ultimately, this new construction will permanently remove nearly all the parking spaces in Lot E12. To address this displacement, the Parking Department will begin construction of a new parking structure at lot E15. These FAQs are designed to address community concerns during and after construction of these new facilities.


Q. How many parking spaces are currently in lot E15 at 404 E Pennsylvania?

A. 294


Q. How many parking spaces will there be in E15 upon completion?

A. Slightly over 600 total spaces, with a mix of permit and transient parking.


Q. How many parking spaces will be lost to construction of the new Gies building on E12 at 501 E Gregory Drive?

A. 167 out of 204


Q. Will any parking be maintained in E12 during construction?

A. Yes – there will be disability spaces and some departmental spaces on the south side of Huff Hall.


Q.  Will any parking remain at the former site of E12 after construction of the new Gies facility?

A. Approximately 30 spaces.


Q. What is the design of the new parking garage at E15?

A. The new parking garage will have approximately 430 spaces, be four (4) stories high, and will be built on half of lot E15. The remaining portion of the lot will have approximately 170 surface parking spaces.


Q. Will there continue to be waiting lists for E12 and E15?

A. E12 – No

B. E15 – TBD


Q. Will my E12 or E15 parking permit be valid in the new E15 lot / garage?

A. Yes – current E12 and E15 permit holders will have the right of first refusal to park in the new E15 lot / garage.


Q. Will my parking be displaced during construction of the SCCIL or the E15 parking garage and if so where?

A. The Parking Department is currently working on the logistics of relocating permit holders to nearby parking lots.


Q.  How far of a walk is it from my current parking spot in E12 to my potential new parking spot in E15?

A. Less than five minutes.